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governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need

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Rawalpindi -- Rawalpindi social welfare department has started a phase wise operation to cancel the registration of all NGOs which are non functional.
A lot of those structural reforms limit the amount of fraud and abuse in the system and again for people who have worked - particularly retired people - and contributed, it is really important for me as a minister that I make savings that enable them to maintain their social welfare payments.
Private agencies with three or more years of experience in operating, maintaining and managing at least one residential home can bid for the contract, a social welfare official said.
Dole officers are scanning license plates of Northern Ireland cars parked close to social welfare offices on dole days and then cross-referencing them with those already applying for allowances in the North.
6 million out of the funds was utilised for provision of mineral water to the then social welfare minister during nine months in 2007.
This second edition reconfigures the discussion of basic policy issues--the construction of social problems, descriptions of major social welfare programs, and the purpose and functions of social welfare policy--in a fresh and accessible way.
The MoCA (ORF) has control over the actual operation and delivery of social welfare services, and direct control of welfare units and its massive personnel.
Social welfare policy processes are distorted in most countries now through destructive political and economic policies that are mutually reinforcing.
By the First World War, then, a new generation of reformers had come to accept what they called '% libert6 dans l'obligation" and social welfare imposed by experts in coordination with state officials.
And then when they want to draw their stamps, they are treated like criminals when they go to social welfare offices and that is not right.
Taxes and social welfare spending in the fiscal year starting April 1 will account for 36.
Koshland Award in Social Welfare and been named Outstanding Practitioner of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter.
Japan will invite 38 young government officials from Latin America next month for two training programs on social welfare and environmental problems, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.
I stress individually because there is a danger in a social welfare society that ordinary people, including essentially good people, will take the approach that it is for the State to look after the needy--and that, if public welfare does not look after those in need, it is somehow their own fault rather than an occasion in which their fellow citizens are under an obligation to assist.
When we expand the definition of social welfare to include the billions siphoned off routinely in sweetheart contracts, pork-barrel projects, special tax breaks, and the like--not to mention Pentagon waste and the recent scandals in the banking and savings-and-loan industry and the Department of Housing and Urban Development--the magnitude of the fraud in this sensationalized case scarcely warrants a blurb in the B section.
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