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someone expert in the study of human society and its personal relationships

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The daydreamed self-image of a knight charging on his scientific steed to defend the sullied honor of his innocent cultural group may quicken the heart of many a social scientist.
It is commonplace by now, a decade and more since the NJPS, to note and bemoan the data that gave American Jewish leadership heartburn and worse: the 52 percent intermarriage statistic (although there are very few serious social scientists who accept this number); the substantial number of individuals in the "Jews of Other Religion" category; and, most significant in the view of this observer, the range of data that led to the recognition that Jewish identity, heretofore linked for the most part to scoring on Jewish-identity measures ("The `more,' the `more'," in Paul Ritterband's trenchant locution), now comes in many "packages"--ethnic, social, political, as well as religious.
Only a few social scientists in the mainstream have found ways to bring the human dimensions of conflict into the study of its resolution.
Senior HUMINT Instructor for the Department of Defense and former Social Scientist for Human Terrain Systems
Mohammad Nizamuddin while meeting a group of social scientist here at Islamabad.
A social scientist is a person who is involved in teaching and research activities in any of the following area: Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, History, Public Administration, and Social Work.
Prior to the 4ID's relief in place/transfer of authority (RIP/TOA) with the 3rd ID, an HTS senior social scientist spent several days with 4ID staff members introducing the HTS concept and outlining the HTAT mission and capabilities.
He lamented that in the current affair shows in all television channels of Pakistan hardly any social scientist was invited to suggest academic solutions to the problems being faced by the nation.
This book offers both interviews with and commentary on the work and thinking of noted sociologist, social scientist, world-systems analyst and research scholar Immanuel Wallerstein (sociology, Yale U.
How social scientist of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan consider the Internet useful and effective for exploring information for teaching, research, recreational and other purposes?
For example, the Social Scientist ITT is designed to use iterative practical applications to develop plans for data gathering and analysis.
A law court deals with the results of a dispute while a social scientist solves the dispute at its roots and brings about mutual understanding and affection between the contending parties," he said.
ISLAMABAD, April 24, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Higher Education Commission (HEC) Committee for Development of Social Sciences and Humanities has awarded Life Time Achievement Award to Late Dr Inayatullah, an eminent social scientist of the country.
One sees Tocqueville's role as a social scientist if one substitutes 'mechanisms' for 'laws' in his text: one then realises that what he is describing is something that has universal relevance.
Rubye Braye, a social scientist and retired lieutenant colonel.
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