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In chapter 1, De La Torre discusses the social process of reading, defines key terms and concepts for his study, and demonstrates how sometimes modern readers have a tendency to impose meanings on ancient biblical texts that are anachronistic.
Co-operative membership as a complex and dynamic social process.
This will require a social process that recognises and builds on the values of individuals and communities who share an interest in the Darling Basin.
It is a historical, cultural moving target, a ceaseless political and social process.
First, there is the neglect of the fact that accommodation in the workplace is a social process (Gates, 2000).
This kind of activity, which can span the range from normal social process to corruption, can occur wherever personal referrals are used.
We do not know where this development will ultimately take us, but it will transform the evolutionary process by drawing reproduction into a highly selective social process that is far more rapid and effective in spreading successful genes than traditional sexual reproduction and mate selection" (2-3).
The Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi) and Yellowstone grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) cases illustrate negative consequences to a recovery program when social process is overlooked, under-attended to, or ignored.
Topics covered include: what feminists propose about motherhood; women, population and the construction of a reproductive consciousness; bioethics, social process and value changes; the deconstruction of symbols and laicism; the politics of health; the feminist movement and political discourse on sexual and reproductive rights; the body and citizenship: feminism in the struggle to reform the law on abortion in Mexico; and the politicisation of abortion.
Even Channel 4's weatherman Fritz Coleman felt free to weigh in, taking time from his self-evident observation that it was hot outside to refer to the protestors' right to participate in the social process as ``whining.
There are many reasons for this anti-union stance: unions receive bad press; they are highly visible pressure groups; their sinfulness (which is no greater than that of any other human institution) tends to be especially visible; their use of the social process of conflict is widely misunderstood.
Time and again Goldthwaite's consumerist analysis sidesteps social process and social relations, in its hard focus on the mystic (non-social) ties of ownership between the buyer and his goods.
The social process is driven by those who have a "legitimate" authority.
It's about how secrets and government surveillance works, their ultimate cost, and how the political and social process is affected by surveillance and it assesses new definitions of war and international clashes against this backdrop of secrecy.
While the genes of aboriginal Taiwanese are often presented in mainstream Chinese nationalist discourses (of, say, alcoholism among aborigines) as "black box" unquestioned facts, opening the "black box" reveals a complex and politicized social process, or "biocolonialism" of genetic research.
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