social event

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an event characteristic of persons forming groups

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Table at social event to present your product to gathered firefighters.
CHICAGO, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Bump Club and Beyond (TM), the country's largest social event group for moms and moms-to-be, is adding another "sibling" to its network by expanding to Los Angeles.
HATS OFF: Golfer of the year George Wilkinson received his award from captains David Howe and Sue Draper at their last social event, which had a Blues Brothers theme.
Stewart suggested that no matter what the social event is, owners should check with vendors.
The successful 3-day social event was part of the Tech Access partner enablement program that served as an opportunity to share partner ideas, joint successes and experiences in the IT infrastructure sector and also paved the way to gain more insights on the partner's business initiatives and formulate effective business growth strategies for 2010 and discover the scope of bundling NetApp and Symantec products together in the KSA region
This event also will be followed by a social event to which all Justice Teaching volunteers are invited.
com), the leading social event planning service on the Web, today announced that it has surpassed 15 million registered users, which represents a 30 percent annual increase in its user base.
For the chance to win free tickets to the SoCo Social event in Glasgow, visit www.
Though many things have changed since 2000, the Foundation's cause has not, and the funds raised by the social event continue to grow each year.
In the past, employers have often been found liable when an intoxicated employee was involved in an automobile accident after a work-related social event.
The chapter held its annual holiday social event on December 10, and in its newsletter said it would be resuming its regular activities even though "a few of our members have permanently relocated to other states, as their companies are not returning.
Each state president will have information to share about this annual social event.
I was at a social event recently in suburban New York where a group discussion turned to current affairs.
Holy Eucharist has indeed been reduced to a mere cultural and social event.
2 Birmingham Press Club, social event every first Wednesday at The Old Royal pub, Cornwall Street, Birmingham, 5pm, details John Lamb, 0121 454 6171.
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