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6) Indebted to the Enlightenment ideal that science equals progress, the authors of Safe Counsel intended to shine the light of science on the dark corners of sexual ignorance to stop the spread of social diseases.
One cause of the social disease is alcohol, one effect is drunkenness.
A large part of manifestations of social disease are connected with the perception of an increase in criminal phenomena which brings to the definition of modern society as a risk society .
Just take a look around -- big bulky purses, overstuffed pockets, cumbersome bags and packs -- it's almost a social disease.
Let us all come together and fight against this social disease.
Therefore, we intend to reach out to schools and universities to help form proper understanding of this social disease at an early age.
And whenever this voluntary initiative reached any nation, it brings about that substantial move ahead as it draws a straight line toward the solutions; solutions that raise the educational awareness, and fight the social disease, especially poverty.
HIV/Aids is a social disease -- it's an epidemic where you are not only fighting the disease but also the society around you," she said.
I think I may be suffering from the latest social disease - shopping bulimia.
Berbatov was booed, but that's the nature of our life now, it's a social disease really," said Fergie.
Back-screen projections and aural sound commentary relay the all-too frequent and tragic fate of children who have died due to pressure from the cowards who relish inflicting the social disease of bullying.
The authorities and the public must wake up to the fact that binge drinking has become a social disease.
Domestic violence is a social disease, one that effects people in every community, in every financial situation," said Denny Strigl, president and CEO of Verizon Wireless.
And before you snigger, it has nothing to do with an embarrassing social disease, but is ancient Celtic for a pile of rocks