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Martel acknowledges theoretical debts to Alan Hunt's Governing Morals: A Social History of Moral Regulation (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999) and he invokes Foucault as an analytical fulcrum, but he offers readers little sustained commentary of a theoretical nature concerning social control and moral regulation.
The next section discusses how coercive foreign interventions entail a foreign government imposing social control over a population located outside of its geographic boundaries.
Empirical studies, however, have found several examples of successful mobilization driven by social control mechanisms.
In addition, the researcher used three indicators of social control mechanisms that might affect men's sexual behavior: rural or urban residence (because social control mechanisms are presumably weaker in urban regions), travel away from home in the past 12 months, and social position in the household, determined by whether the man lived alone, headed a two-person household, headed a larger household, was the son or grandson of the head of the household, or was in another position.
To maintain law and order in society, the Inuit traditionally relied on mechanisms of informal social control, which refers to means of resolving conflicts informally and without the involvement of agents and formally set-up agencies of the criminal justice system.
Following Foucault, Maidment sets herself the task of closely examining the disciplinary control of "criminalized" women inside and outside formal institutions of social control.
The story introduced the idea of the hacker to popular culture, and with it the notion that those sinister engines of social control might also be tools for personal empowerment and communal world-building.
In meticulous fashion, the authors demonstrate how our professional arrogance and past notions of the "best interest" of others led us to be powerful instruments of social control over women, people in poverty, and people with mental and physical disabilities.
4) They argue that it is not disorder that predicts crime but the level of collective efficacy--"the cohesion among residents combined with shared expectations for the social control of public space"--that predicts both crime and disorder.
At issue is whether social control theory can provide an adequate framework for understanding this problem.
Contrariwise, Humanists reject the utopian, statist, and authoritarian social control of communist societies as much as they reject the radical individualism of laissez faire capitalism and Social Darwinism (finding it inherently sociopathic).
The pair forged their deconstructive methodology back in the theory-loving '80s, creating pristine monochrome models that variously display and poeticize the codification of authority and social control in architecture.
Educational strategies that exclusively stress these qualities are focused primarily on social control.