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Women with preschool children at home did not experience significantly longer periods of social assistance receipt, controlling for the other variables.
One way to incorporate both social structures and individual action and choice into an examination of social assistance in Canada is to adopt a life course perspective.
At the same time, as ANC ministers are quick to point out when it suits them, government spending on these social assistance programmes has grown rapidly, from about 2 per cent to about 3.
Census Bureau, management of companies and enterprises led all industry sectors in employment gains, adding 1,960 jobs; followed by health care and social assistance (787); and educational services (672).
7 million Canadians are still dependent on social assistance.
This paper examines the subjective experiences and perceptions of victimization and fear of crime among social assistance recipients living in the inner-city of Winnipeg.
The additional financing, provided by the International Development Association, will support the nation-wide expansion of the country's Targeted Social Assistance (TSA) program, which aims to better identify and register poor and vulnerable people so that they can receive much-needed social assistance.
Since 2011, the Government of Tajikistan, with support from the World Bank, has been implementing important social assistance reforms that focus on consolidating old and fragmented social assistance schemes into a single benefit package, along with the development of an improved mechanism for more effective targeting.
Procurement procedures are already under way, the Social Assistance Agency said.
The survey also showed an increase in the monetary transfer of social assistance programmes for needy families compared to the minimum guaranteed inter-professional wage (SMIG) from 7% in 1987 to 22% in 2010 and 45% in 2015.
The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) also vows to increase existing social assistance programs, which currently amount to 1.
3 million) - under the social assistance benefits to the population article, and 145,081,000 som ($2.
Social assistance has had a greater impact on poverty and inequality than social insurance
The book provides a conceptual framework for social assistance and links it to current practice in selected developing countries.
7 million Tunisian dinars to finance a study on social assistance.
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