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an anthropologist who studies such cultural phenomena as kinship systems

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This indeed is a forceful statement by a social anthropologist from a "centre" of anthropological production, backing less powerful voices from CEE.
The bathroom is a unique space in the home," said Dr John Curran, social anthropologist and author of the paper.
Igor Cherstich, a social anthropologist at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, has conducted extensive ethnographic research in Libya.
According to social anthropologist Jean Smith, who spent more than a decade looking at how men and women interact and recently completed a four-country comparison, she found that flirting was rare in Britain and people just give up easily and went home; New Yorkers get right down to business; Parisians take refuge in ornate but time-proven ritual.
Jean Smith, a social anthropologist specialising in relationships says: 'Most relationship problems start when people stop making an effort.
She is a medical doctor, social anthropologist, academic, businesswoman and author.
Although our athletes will no doubt be greeted by a sea of union flags and deafening roars if they take to the winner's podium, social anthropologist Kate Fox says this overtly patriotic response is peculiar to the world of sport.
But stones there were aplenty, as social anthropologist Haralan Alexandrov told BNT that people were profoundly indifferent to the doings of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, which spoke out on issues only occasion-ally, and then to attack-variously--Harry Potter and the singer Madonna.
Which brings us back to how Bhatia curates the festival, with considerable help from his team that includes social anthropologist Vinod Joshi?
And yet, as social anthropologist Kate Fox found, drinking places in every culture have commonalities, acting as liminal zones where sociability relaxes the observance of status distinctions.
Social anthropologist Prof David Zeitlyn of the University of Kent says people prefer the kind of message used by Twitter and Facebook which can go to all contacts automatically.
Stanner (1905-1981) was and is a true intellectual giant both as a humanist and as a social anthropologist.
Sweetser, Social Anthropologist who called on him here on Tuesday.
Social anthropologist Yainnis Papadakis, who has carried out extensive research on history teaching on both sides of the island, believes a reversion by the Turkish Cypriots to nationalistic history would be "a huge step backwards" for the north, and for efforts towards reconciliation between the two communities.
Pub chain and brewers Greene King funded the research, carried out by social anthropologist Kate Fox, to examine the role of the British pub in the 21st century.
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