soccer ball

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an inflated ball used in playing soccer

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I think about how we can take things for granted, and I get one soccer ball and I throw it down to this kid, and it's just a soccer ball to anybody else," Soh said.
The problem is, with three kids playing in three different divisions, we need three different-size soccer balls, and that was before a couple of them gave out and went permanently flat.
Recently I was surprised to see a child heading a soccer ball on the cover of National Geographic magazine.
The 500-yen coins are the same size as those currently in circulation and will have a world map and players on the head and a soccer ball, the emblem and a symbol indicating the length of a game on the back.
Recognizing the global need for a resilient soccer ball, the One World Futbol Project sells the new ball on its website through a "Buy One Give One" model.
The unveil of the record-breaking soccer ball was held in Doha in partnership with Lulu Hypermarket, who donated a section of their parking lot to showcase the ball to the public.
The physics of soccer balls is complex and varies with each type of ball.
The results of her Internet search for a fair-trade sports supplier that could make her a "Free To Play" soccer ball was surprisingly limited.
Three collaborating groups of researchers have unraveled some of the underlying mysteries of bending a soccer ball during a kick.
Once you master the flip, do it with the soccer ball.
Official sources told on Sunday that the object of setting up SIDC in the export-oriented city and hub of cottage industry was to extend new technology of mechanised ball which was a threat to the hand-stitched inflatable soccer ball industry of Sialkot.
Kicking a soccer ball across the field during practice at Reseda High School, 17-year-old Rocio Abundez said she's been a Beckham fan since sixth grade and has followed his overseas career ever since.
An image in the article shows that the soccer ball appears as a mirror image of itself when viewed through each of its faces.
Philip Bayly, an associate professor of mechanical engineering, and Guy Genin, an assistant professor, are collaborating with several researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine to study the biomechanics of soccer heading, a method of moving the soccer ball around during play.
Lead his team to unexploded ordnance and earn a soccer ball.