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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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Here, the sobriquet is applied far too frequently to callow youths who simply happened to have performed well when a sporting contest in which they were playing was televised.
Films like Upkr ( 1967), Roti Kapda Aur Makn ( 1972), Dus Numbri ( 1976) and super hit mega- starrer Kranti ( 1981) were the subsequent offerings by Mr Bharat, a sobriquet enjoyed by him.
I'm not talking about the East Midlands derby, because Leicester v Derby can at best bill itself as The Third-Biggest Derby In The East Midlands and that's not really a sobriquet which will catch on any time soon.
Rowe, who formerly ran an escort agency under the sobriquet 'Mistress Pain', has caused headaches for Osborne before.
So I advise Miliband to wear the sobriquet as a badge of honour in his battles with Blue Dave and Yellow Nick.
Guest included Jill Schlamm and Maggie (one of the couple's two daughters), CCR agents, landlords, managers and members of the REBNY ethics committee where Schlamm's contributions over the years earned him his sobriquet.
TURNER CONTEMPORARY May * 25-September 15 * Curated by Brian Dillon "Curiosity" is a sobriquet that suggests the recondite and faintly declasse: qualities, no doubt, that recommend it to the arcana-loving, culturally omnivorous New York-based magazine Cabinet and to its UK editor Brian Dillon, who's curated this bursting Wunderkammer of an exhibition.
4) Walter Borenstein, glosses the comadrona's speech tag and sobriquet "Porreta" as "a colloquial expression that means 'stark naked'" (253, n.
Germany shrugged off the first two years of the eurozone crisis with solid growth, gaining the sobriquet "Teflon economy".
The Major" - his other sobriquet - will be remembered partly for his ability to keep talking while all about him collapsed in mirth over an unintended double entendre conceived to keep the commentary lively.
Much has been sacrificed to secure a workable democracy in the Arab world's most populous state and President Morsi's attempts at what his followers refer to as 'expedience' smacks of, at best, insensitivity and arrogance, earning him the sobriquet 'the pharoah' among those unconvinced of the philanthropic aspects of his edict.
Hanif, who had earned the sobriquet of "little master" like Tendulkar for his batting feats in the 50s and 60s, said he had not seen a better player than Tendulkar.
The bravado has earned him the sobriquet of 'The Man who Cannot Die'.
He has shown no remorse whatsoever for his revolting actions which earned him the sobriquet "every parent's worst nightmare".
Fourteen years after the chilling attack, Imiela staged a series of rapes across the south of England on victims as young as 10 - earning him the sobriquet "the M25 rapist".