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Synonyms for sobersided

marked by sober sincerity

Words related to sobersided

completely lacking in humor or lightness of touch

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He's claimed by at least three separate fields: free jazz, which he played in the early '70s with the group Lost Aaraaff: lurching, aggressive rock improvisation, which he plays with his electric trio Fushitsusha; and "pure improvisation," a category that only by failure of marketing logic includes both space-out artists (ambient music, by another name) and sobersided formal abstractionists (like the English guitarist Derek Bailey).
has had a certain succes d'estime as the largest of several motets in which, even before Charpentier, Du Mont emulated the Italian early Baroque penchant for sacred dialogues (without, however, capturing the Italian lyricism of the mid-century: Du Mont's music is only superficially Italianate, being basically more sobersided and solemnly syllabic).