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a journalist who specializes in sentimental stories

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Sob Sisters was directed by Butt himself and ran to just seven half-hour episodes from May to July, 1989.
Male screenwriters, perhaps worded that these sob sisters were too independent and too feisty for the times, would make sure that, by the final reel, these self-sufficient females would succumb to love, longing for what 1930s audiences were sure every woman really wanted--a man, marriage, and children.
The sob sisters in the media could learn a lot from the Kennedys.
From Children's Hospital to Vanessa, Esther and the rest of the sob sisters, TV intrudes on grief and into private lives far, far more than papers ever do, or dare.
When Charles and Diana were still the darlings of Fleet Street's sob sisters as the Queen celebrated her Forty Glorious Years on the throne, there were calls - deja vu anybody?