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a serialized program usually dealing with sentimentalized family matters that is broadcast on radio or television (frequently sponsored by a company advertising soap products)

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They experienced a part of South African reality from different angles--as actors and playwrights of the Afrikaans soapies they covered in their language classes, and as poets and performers in their culture classes.
With leading news productions, series, soapies and telenovelas, One Africa TV is a perfect match for the diverse and compelling content that GOtv offers.
Hennie Jacobs better known as Diedrick from Afrikaans soapie 7de laan will be the host of the event.
With a mane as sleek and fair as a palomino pony's, the soapie bland ain't fooling anyone with her discreet jewellery.
Mboya does not need any introduction as she has made Nandipha, a leading character in the daily soapie Isidingo, an iconic figure on the South African small screen.
She could also not think of her upcoming tests and how some of her classmates were probably spending their time watching soapies or having their hair weaved while she had to fight so many battles.
The director, Gert van Niekerk, is very well known for the Egoli and Binnelanders TV soapies.
You realize that Aussie soapies do not depict the realistic life of Australians.
Both these factors would contribute to throttling Old Comedy and its intertextual heritage, while reviving New Comedy from the Renaissance onwards in the guise of 'situation comedy', 'comedy of manners', modern television soapies, and the like.
So, sometimes you can use soapies or something else to remind yourself.
Now I'm not sure what either cyclists or soapies will do with this info.
Other everyday Murrin Bridge activities include cleaning the house, gossiping or yarning while 'having a cuppa', and watching soapies on television.