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a serialized program usually dealing with sentimentalized family matters that is broadcast on radio or television (frequently sponsored by a company advertising soap products)

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So if the Royal family is being seen as a soap opera it has brought it on itself.
com/michaelmuhney/statuses/413038870335209472) tweeted about being fired from TVGN's "The Young and the Restless" soap opera.
It is a soap opera and while Wales needed an A-Team, instead they got The Muppet Show.
In this accessible study of soap operas from a sociological perspective, Matelski (communication, Boston College) combines previous research with new content analyses as well as quantitative methodology to trace the evolution of soap operas from the radio soap operas of the 1940s to the TV soap operas of the 1980s and into the present.
Adel Marei, a neuropsychiatry specialist from the Institute of Psychiatry at Ain Shams University, explained what might be the primary goal for soap opera watchers: "The human psyche has three components or modules which are emotions, behaviour and thinking.
The most recent movie starring actor Euzcan Deniz is an adaptation based on a Korean soap opera, "A Moment to Remember.
I find it hard to believe the First Minister is still defending this laughable attempt to control a soap opera.
Perhaps the most notorious soap opera disaster though, was Emmerdale's plane crash storyline, which aired on December 30, 1993, and pulled in 18m viewers.
Done properly, a soap opera set in Newcastle could be rather good.
AMI has been operating Soap Opera Digest under a licensing agreement from Source Interlink Media.
19 Spot Shot advertorial in Soap Opera Digest magazine and on the contest website www.
The soap opera industry in Turkey shrank by 30 percent when compared to 2008.
In 2005, the BBC introduced the animated soap opera, "The Flatmates," for teaching English to immigrants, while also offering guides for using television to learn Spanish and other languages.
It might not have been off our screens for very long, but it's already left a massive hole in the TV schedules that yearns for an intelligent, sophisticated soap opera.
But the popularity is so much that Zarmeen Shahzadi, a housewife and a TC soap opera addict, even watched them during a ban on them a few years ago using VCD/DVD or Internet.