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Synonyms for soap

money offered as a bribe

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rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning


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Max Bunster was the one white man on Lord Howe, trading in the pay of the ubiquitous Moongleam Soap Company.
More than his fear of the British government was Mauki's fear of the all-powerful Moongleam Soap Company; and one day a message came up to him in the bush, reminding him that he owed the Company eight and one-half years of labor.
Her son (of whom I feel truly ashamed to be obliged to speak again so soon) made an effort to extricate his mother--involved himself in a series of pecuniary disasters, which commercial people call, I believe, transactions--struggled for a little while to get out of them in the character of an independent gentleman--failed--and then spiritlessly availed himself of the oleaginous refuge of the soap and candle trade.
It must be fun to swash the water round and dig out the soap.
Richard," said Anthony Rockwail, "what do you pay for the soap that you use?
Now I use the old Eureka--not only for sentiment, but it's the purest soap made.
Well," said Anthony, reaching for his chequebook, "it was a good bilin' of soap.
On her first visit to Mercedes Higgins, Saxon received the recipe for home-made soap and her head was filled with a minutiae of instruction in the art of fine washing.
Clean the World will collect donated new or used bar soap, and sanitize and recycle the used soap into fresh full-sized bars.
During an internship in Indonesia with an international non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation known as AIESEC where she taught English at a school, Aqeela began to learn the tricks of the trade from a master soap maker named Desi Pederson who comes from an all-green family.
Al-Zaid said: "I have learned a lot from reading magazines that are specialized in soap making.
With that in mind, DormCo recently launched a new selection of bar soaps, hand soaps and body washes to its inventory, as well as released a new line of compact dorm-room nightstands.
To permit precise underwater tracking of the soap, the bars were injected with radioactive isotopes.
Morn was always trying new things, from making bee's wax candles, to new ketchup recipes, and even soap making (which at the time we all teased her about because soap was only $1 in the store).
Nestled among the 2,000-year-old labyrinthine streets in courtyard houses and old hotels known as khans, are a handful of workshops that have been making the famed Savon d'Alep, or Aleppo soap, by hand for hundreds of years.