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Synonyms for soaked



Synonyms for soaked

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Maximum spikelet per spike was found when wheat seed was soaked for 12 hours and other soaking duration of wheat seed were statistically comparable with each other.
Again, dumping off the water the grains were soaked in was recommended, and some added lemon juice to the soaking water to "make the nutrients more available.
According to the Crime Lab report, nine pieces of clothes were seized from the traveller and they were soaked in cocaine weighing more than 3.
Price Foundation's soaking guru Sally Fallon says that many people who are allergic to grains will tolerate them well when they are soaked first.
Germination of gibberellin sensitive solanum (potato) botanical seeds soaked in GA3 and redried.
Plug the large hole of Kong with two medium-size milk bones, making sure their ends are firmly stuck into the soaked dried food.
3 pearl onions, 2 candied yams, and a turkey drumstick soaked in gravy
1 : to lie covered with liquid <He soaked in the tub.
First, they soaked sponges at room temperature for 48 hours in a solution made from ground beef and lab growth medium to obtain a high level of microbes (20 million per sponge) and simulate a very dirty sponge.
In another test, crickets crowded around cotton wool that had been soaked in water about as salty as seawater.
In another test, swarming crickets crowded around cotton wool soaked in a moderately salty solution in preference to cotton soaked in plain water.
Whiskey soaked psychedelic leads, flashy rhythms and hard drumming.
Fibergen also soaked Biodac in a diluted salt solution for use as a sidewalk de-icer.