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Synonyms for soaked



Synonyms for soaked

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They found that between 37 and 87 percent of bacteria were killed in the sponges soaked in 10 percent bleach solution, lemon juice, or deionized water--and in those left untreated.
Whiskey soaked psychedelic leads, flashy rhythms and hard drumming.
Fibergen also soaked Biodac in a diluted salt solution for use as a sidewalk de-icer.
Rinse the soaked garbanzos, place in a pot, cover with water, put on the lid, and allow them to cook on medium heat for at least one hour, or until soft.
Seeds which are soaked have a better chance of survival and of bearing fruit, and research has now been carried out into the different soaking times required for particular seeds and climates.
Cleanse: Remove any grease from the massage cream with cotton wool soaked in nail varnish remover.
Percent germination ranged from 0% germination for seeds exposed to continual cold water rinse for 6 h to 10% for seeds soaked for 72 h, but not chilled (Table 1).
Scott's Luxury Liqueur Cakes uses four high profile brands from Thomas Lowndes' extensive portfolio: Orange Chocolate cake soaked in Grand Marnier, Coffee and Walnut cake soaked in Tia Maria, Pecan Cake soaked in Courvoisier, and Lemon Cake with Elizabeth Lemon Curd in Beefeater Gin.
THE curtain finally comes down on what has become racing's closest equivalent to a long-running soap opera when Sihafi and Soaked clash for the final time this year at Lingfield today, writes Graham Green.
totes(R) Umbrellas Signed by a Host of Rain Soaked Celebs and Bouquets from 1-800-FLOWERS.
He earlier denied the charges of smuggling drugs and claimed he was not aware that the clothes were soaked in cocaine.
Line bowl with soaked sponge fingers sugared side outwards.
Soaked by the captive's saliva, a battery on the card springs to life, powering a transmitter that beams out an SOS.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the success of Jim Beam(TM) Kentucky Bourbon Soaked Sunflower Seeds, Thanasi Foods announced today its second new product of 2004: Jim Beam Original Kentucky Bourbon Soaked Beef Jerky.
1) If using mostly for color, such as in sauce, 1/4 teaspoon saffron threads soaked in 2 Tablespoons of hot water will be sufficient for a recipe using up to 5-6 cups of flour.