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Synonyms for so-so

Synonyms for so-so

being neither good nor bad


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in an acceptable (but not outstanding) manner

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There's great potential for a firm with a well-developed pension practice to convert what's often seen as a so-so service line into a multimillion-dollar business that supports several partners full-time.
We may speak of it later, and wonder about it, but as that couple near So-So know, talking is good, but not of the essence.
Huggins, and Zane Booker gave outstanding performances that helped give meaning to so-so choreography.
I hit the ball so-so today and feel tired, but I like the hot weather and I hope the game is still in the same condition,' he said.
Don't allow yourself the temptation of looking at so-so results and thinking, "Well, maybe if we added a brochure.
When you've got a wounded bird and the chances of getting it on the runway in one piece are only so-so, why aim it at the home folks at all?
What rates as a good buck in one spot may be just a so-so animal elsewhere, but that should never detract from the fact that a smaller animal is, in fact, a trophy in its own right.
I noticed that many gay women rank Claire as one of those "mediocre" hits of lesbian pop culture--including other so-so dyke movies of the '90s, the huge influx of "same old thing" women's musicians, the "tired" gay girl comics, and the "boring" lesbian novels we settled for back when we were desperate for anything that spoke about (or to) us.
There is the so-so site of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland at www.
The 40-foot putt he holed from the Valley of Sin yesterday to edge out Ernie Els earned him an incredible pounds 551,000 and turned a so-so season into a memorable one.
For the first time ever, mediocre CEOs, slightly-above-average CFOs, and so-so boards of directors go on record and share the nebulous secrets that enabled them to reach the middle of the pack and stay there.
The exception is a relatively stolid institutional scene, into which the UCLA Hammer Museum, long a venue for sprawling, mostly so-so group shows, has unexpectedly thrown a monkey wrench.
In clinical practice, technical skills often outweigh interpersonal and leadership skills as success factors--you can be a great doctor and a so-so person.
In the quarter-final against Peru, Mexico were so-so with the ball - they scored three goals and could have got more but too many passes in general build-up play went astray or were miscontrolled.
For the marine flatworms, particularly aggressive duelers may produce more offspring than so-so stabbers.