snowshoe rabbit

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large large-footed North American hare

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But Crystal remembered how she had seen the white snowshoe rabbit and chased it into the edge of the woods.
When a snowshoe rabbit slipped past one of the dogs, the whole team took up the chase.
Comedy is latent in the suspect's predilection for hunting and his basic diet (``Given the ingredients: fresh-shot snowshoe rabbit, white flour, dried vegetables, and maybe Spam,'' a posting asks, ``what would the dish be?
Like wild snowshoe rabbits, scurrying into the brush to escape a predator, we ran as fast as our young legs would carry us up into the woods.
Whereas our lynx survives on snowshoe rabbits and birds, caracal routinely bring down mature game animals the size of bushbuck and impala (not to mention domestic sheep and goats, which is why African ranchers detest them).