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Synonyms for snot-nosed

(used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant

dirty with nasal discharge


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RYAN ADAMS Heartbreaker JUST one syllable short of sharing a name with the lumberjack-shirted Canadian satan of stadium rock, this North Carolinian was merely a snot-nosed twenty-something when he recorded this now seminal acoustic meander into utter misery.
It's been 19 years since Green Day first came to Scotland and in that time they've gone from snot-nosed young punks to stadium-filling rock-opera writers.
You just have to keep the hand sanitizer nearby, get plenty of rest (like the Dodgers will be doing now) and avoid swapping spit with a snot-nosed baseball player.
Yep, now there's rules, there's paperwork, there's commissions you can't give a proper whitewash to, and everywhere you go there's some snot-nosed little whelp with a camera just waiting for you to so much as take a crap in the wrong place.
Of course, it wouldn't be a Sandler movie without a little crude humor, so watch for a booger monster, a bee-stung tongue and a snot-nosed dog.
Shabby, none too clean and full to the brim with snot-nosed, scabby-kneed and bare-bottomed kids, it held a fascination for me.
I gaze down at my feet, then up at the snot-nosed child who considers me over his mother's shoulder.
But odds are snot-nosed, underachieving Jason Donovan will nick it.
Every fam needs an official archivist and a great way to avoid Aunt Selma's annoying questions or cousin Jamal's snot-nosed baby is to be the official photographer.
But the star of Aardman's darker side is Angry Kid, (pictured) a snot-nosed reprobate with a serious attitude problem.
So what," said some snot-nosed crony of Tony's when asked to explain the audacity of New Labour's leech.
Award-winning author and environmental activist Tim Winton once summed tip the ability of the Oils to harness the essence of our nation; "Now and then I hear some old anthem surging out of an open door and in my mind's eye I see red dirt, blue sky, scrunched faces, snot-nosed children, shorebreaks and creekbeds.
A poster child for the unhappy consequences of legislative term limits, "The Terminator" asked critics of the Medicaid cuts to consider whether "health care is a right or a privilege" Clearly, the answer for Stefanick is that it is a privilege for those who can pay--and it's certainly not some perk for a bunch of snot-nosed kids in the state.
I think it is strange that a snot-nosed, 18-year-old has the same vote as a father of seven.