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Synonyms for snoot

the structure on the human face that contains the nostrils and organs of smell and forms the beginning of the respiratory tract

one who despises people or things regarded as inferior, especially because of social or intellectual pretension


Synonyms for snoot

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The large-format works in the exhibit will printed on the highest quality archival paper, and will be available for purchase at the gallery, or in the Le Snoot online store.
Perhaps it will also help the group to figure out that we already have our snoot full fighting al-Qaeda terrorists and establishing a stable government in Afghanistan, and that we don't need other distractions from those missions.
With a snoot full of human scent, she charged Sam, popping her teeth.
Cylindrix LED accepts a broad range of lighting control accessories, including a snoot, linear spread lens, hexcell louver and cross blade.
com)-- On February 8th, Gallery Le Snoot will present local artist Blake Bradley's work in an exhibition entitled "A Creature Fix.
She might be an utter snoot in real life, but the girl has charisma and no known eating disorder, at least not yet.
I'm all for people fighting the hypocrisy of the ruling classes, of cocking a snoot at the inadequacies of the petite bourgeoisie unless they are doing it in my living room of course whilst I'm trying to watch X'Factor.
They drafted in some scandalised Scotland Yard old boy to rail against the fact that "Winehouse is cocking a snoot at the law," Ann Widdecombe provided a predictable political dimension to the lop-sided debate and, unforgivably, the mother of a heroin victim was persuaded to endorse the "highly responsible manner" in which the paper published "those shocking pictures.
I have often wondered idly what would happen if Pip came snoot to snoot with a pig without a fence in between.
They had an undeniably British air which cocked a snoot at the transatlantic styling of Ford and Vauxhall products.
Finally, a British Prime Minister who cocks a snoot at the nation who elected him is looking political oblivion in the face.
She is joined in the cast by Lori Konyk as Mother Wolf, Roz Hernandez as Grandma Wolf, Michele Field as the tree, Jay Lay as the Forest Ranger, Dave West as hunter Henry Van Snoot, and Ken E.
Kirstie and Phil, who present Channel 4's Location, Location, Location, are sent on a wild goose chase trying to find a new pad for Snoot y.
It looks classy and sleek from the side but head on it has a long snoot which may not be to everyone's liking.
What's more, it cocks a snoot at the taxman and licensing authorities with its low emissions and BiK tax rating without destroying driving pleasure.