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Synonyms for snitch

to take (another's property) without permission

to give incriminating information about others, especially to the authorities

one who gives incriminating information about others

Synonyms for snitch

someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

take by theft

Related Words

give away information about somebody

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SPECIAL CASEYMcGuire scores for Catalans and (above) Snitch celebrates s
Huddersfield Giants: Thorman, Elford, Whatuira, Brown, Robinson, Crabtree, Gatis, Skandalis, Lolesi, Raleigh, Wild, Jones, Jackson, Mason, Snitch, Griffin, Hudson, Cudjoe, Lawrence, Jensen.
I got your statements, everyone will see Kellie is a snitch.
Obviously this first visit back to Belle Vue is special and I want to do well," admitted Snitch.
HUDDERSFIELD: T: Donlan, De Vere, Aspinwall 2, Snitch.
With Snitch starting in the back-row for the first time for Huddersfield at The Jungle yesterday and ex-Giants captain Roarty doing likewise for the Tigers, it had all the hallmarks of an intriguing duel.
But the 22-year-old Snitch, who signed from Wakefield two months ago, is determined to provide the perfect cover.
Once an inmate is labeled a snitch, he's in danger.
New arrival Steve Snitch is confident of making a big impression at the Giants - despite facing tough competition for places.
Officials believe the inmate was murdered by order of the Mexican Mafia for being a snitch.
New signing Steve Snitch believes his switch to the Giants is the best move he could have made.
TO snitch or not to snitch - a dilemma that has troubled man's conscience through the ages now is as contemporary and propitious as today's newspaper.
More than a dozen LAPD officers have been fired or relieved of duty in connection with the corruption detailed thus far by corrupt-cop-turned- snitch Rafael Perez in sworn statements to investigators.
The attack wasn't an isolated incident, according to Perez, who agreed last year to snitch on his former officers in exchange for a lighter prison sentence for stealing cocaine from an LAPD evidence room.
The Black Friday Sale of 2017 (after Thanksgiving's Day in the US) netted me with the Little Snitch 4 license for the Family (5 devices) for 50% off