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  • noun

Synonyms for snit

a condition of excited distress

Words related to snit

a state of agitated irritation

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Yes, the children who sighed with pleasure over the restoration of the fountains of Rome and the capture of the evil genius Kaspar Snit all knew that Solly and Eleanor Blande would eventually fly into their classrooms and library with more adventures.
The kind that people would always mention as their all-time favourites, like The Cat Came Back, The Big Snit, Neighbours, Bob's Birthday, and even slightly rarer films, as my brother's favourite, The Irises.
How about the snit over a ``drug house'' that Zine had bulldozed, much to the thrill of the neighborhood?
That threw Zine into a snit, and he ordered that city government take ``all necessary steps, including litigation'' to remove the offending ads.
She leaves in a snit, shoots up and nods off in a car by the lake.
What he really said was, ``bull snit,'' which he defined as a contentious argument between men.
The subtext to the snit between unions is that the SEIU finds it unfair only because its workers aren't getting the same sweet deal.
Shaq goes off in a snit to another team, Jackson goes to his ranch for a year, Karl Malone probably slips into retirement, and Kobe becomes the center of the Lakers' diminished universe.
It would seem with the vast resources of the Department of Homeland Security our ``intelligence'' should be able to detect the peevish snit of a 23-year-old out for revenge on an ex-girlfriend.