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JOSE MOURINHO got snippy with his players - after some of his stars arranged for a hairdresser to visit them during an away trip.
Whether it's Liverpool couple Leon and June, bickering over how many biscuits Leon's had, or snippy Brighton hairdressers Chris and Stephen comparing their tans or tattoos, or simply marvelling at Rev Kate's latest ridiculously oversized slippers, we simply need to know what they're up to.
At the first sign of a snippy "I asked you to cross on 19th Street," try: "I'll let you go now.
On first glance, it seems that those controllers were not very helpful and seemed rather snippy, perhaps because this is a situation that happens often and they're simply tired of it.
Free speech is easy when the subject is Marmaduke, or involves yelling at umpires at baseball games, or writing snippy and ill-informed emails about how I should draw Hillary Clinton.
Lots of folks could be a bit snippy but nobody does snippy better than you.
FIGHT NIGHT: FatBoy grabs Martin Meanwhile, Miss Snippy aka Shabnam, is perturbed when she finds Kush knocking back the booze, but her annoyance turns to sympathy when the market trader shares a devastating secret that melts her heart.
But instead of saying anything to him about it, she was snippy with me for the rest of the evening and lectured me on my child-rearing.
the way Americans order martinis, why mid-century businessmen preferred vodka (hint: clients can't smell it on your breath), and a pleasingly snippy account of the anti-vodka backlash among high-end modern mixologists.
So says PL Travers, the snippy author and creator of the famous character - a perfectly-cast Emma Thompson - in this entertaining comedy-drama about the buttoned-up Brit's run-ins with Walt Disney (Tom Hanks).
Harry Reid: Ted Cruz acting as 'joint speaker of House' (Politico): "On Day Three of a partial government shutdown, the Senate got off to a snippy start as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid elevated Sen.
Ahmadi-nejad's offer sparked a competition in snippy remarks on news websites.
But with their new friends Jimbo the bug-eyed blob fish, Lulu the snippy lobster and a whole family of penguins, Sammy and Ray hatch breakout plans of their own.
As much as we know that our snippy diatribes don't quite, to use the words of Michael Jackson, 'Heal the World.
Written in haste, emails memorialize typos, misspellings, hastily written accusations and snippy retorts to their authors' later regret.