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Synonyms for snipe

shoot at


  • shoot at
  • open fire on
  • hit at
  • blast at

Synonyms for snipe

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The second advantage is that they often choose to light near other snipe and thereby lure the hunter to even more game.
To help users discover deals, Snipe detects which mall the user is in and displays the deals available there, one-by-one in random order, on a digital coupon roll.
Secret agent Marcus Snipe is currently the head of Secret Service's regional Rome office that covers 54 countries from the Middle East, Balkans, Southern Europe and Africa.
Fishermen in early-day New England associated the timing of snipe music with the upstream spawning runs of shad.
Walter and Karen Weakly, founders of Weakly Marriage & Family Enrichment in Houston, say that Jones-Snipe and Snipe are on the right track.
Snipe, a former miner, made his fortune through the massive Mining Supplies firm at Balby, near Doncaster; he sold the business almost 20 years ago.
The primary species hunted on the AWMA are ducks; however, common snipe also are heavily hunted after waterfowl season when snipe concentrate on drawndown impoundments.
Restoration of some 190 ha of abandoned meadows to bring them back to conditions favoured by the great snipe and other associated waders (extensive grazing) that maintain the appropriate structure of the vegetation;
If we're lucky, we might get snipe nesting there, too.
A few days later, The Snipe was put down, at the age of 28.
You could choose between the Jaguar S-Type, Rover P5, Vanden Plas Princess, or you could have taken the Rootes Group option and settled into the driving seat of the opulent Super Snipe or Hawk from Humber.
Wetland birds like the lapwing, redshank and snipe are showing alarming declines in population in the lowlands of England and Wales, wildlife campaigners warned yesterday.
SNIPE are searching for the best marshes to spend the winter.
0, Hour of Victory allows you to sneak into enemy territory as a covert operative, storm the gates as a British commando, or snipe from afar as an Army ranger - each character's unique attributes will be needed for the fulfillment of the overall objective.
Brantley Snipes is a native of Greenville and Leland who loves to travel, cook, garden, deer and turkey hunt, kayak, and "catch live music whenever possible.