snip off

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Synonyms for snip off

sever or remove by pinching or snipping

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Just remove the old clamp, snip off the wire eyelet if there is one, and fit the wire into the new clamp.
Snip off snapdragons once they have finished flowering and replace with universal pansies that will supply colour through the autumn and winter.
Those scissors can slip And snip Off a tip Of one of your tender pink ears
THIS reveller uses giant scissors to snip off men's ties - the traditional start of the boozy Women's Carnival in Dusseldorf.
THIS sturdy, hard-wearing tree comes into its own at Christmas, as gardeners get out their secateurs to snip off spiky, deep green sprigs and vibrant red berries for indoor decorations.
Shoots will sprout from the point where the cut was made and, when they are several inches long, you should snip off all but three of them.
Snip off the tip and pipe on hair, glasses and eye details.
The kits have the seeds you need, plus planting mix and fertilizer, so all you do is snip off the top of the bag and start watering.
They are not fast-growing, so shouldn't need regular pruning, but for tidying up snip off unkempt stems in mid-spring.
Spoon the yellow icing into a piping bag and snip off the tip.
Snip off faded flower heads from early-flowering bulbs and daffodils unless the seeds are needed.
We'll snip off and rub a leaf on the resident and ask them what that smells like; it always gets a big smile from them," Lentz says.
Leaf cutter ants snip off pieces of leaves from tree branches and carry them down tree trunks to underground chambers.
By using enzymes to snip off one base at a time from the strand, then letting each cleaved, tagged base travel past a laser beam and detector, scientists could identify each base in the proper order.
The original product was an unwieldy 18-inches long and the user had to snip off pieces to the desired size when needed.