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a globular glass with a small top

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I LOVED that Welsh vicar who, out of his mind with a pre-marriage service snifter or so, ran down to his Treorchy, SouthWales, church, missed its gate and had to be helped out of a ditch.
Ditch the traditional cognac snifter glass and pour about 20 ml in a champagne flute.
Asked about a text to her brother on Christmas Eve which said "we are on the champers and a wee snifter just to get in the mood", she denied she was referring to cocaine by saying snifter and said she meant alcohol.
Prof Nutt conveniently forgets that most who like a snifter don't buy it by the caseload at Legless 'R' Us, don't kick the cat afterwards, and pay zillions in taxes.
Strange Powers profiles Stephin Merrit, the group's morose mastermind, illuminating his creative process (sitting in dark gay bars with cigarettes and a snifter of brandy) and influences (Doris Day, the Great American Songbook, cowboy songs).
Shake vigorously then double-strain mixture into a snifter glass filled with three ice cubes.
Levy's tome further said: "Mort Sahl recalled him filling a brandy snifter with ice and scotch and sipping it in a steam room.
Asked if there was anything they could get him, the duke replied he'd like a snifter if he could serve, and they would have one with him.
Constitution, which ended Prohibition, and a branded snifter.
Her bouquet was replaced by a candle nestled in a bed of cranberries in a brandy snifter laced with chocolate ribbon.
This CD is like a powerful musical cocktail where you take a snifter of Benny More, mix it with some Lucho Bermudez and Toto La Mompesina, stir in the English Beat and the Skatelites, sprinkle a little Mighty Sparrow and a squeeze of Glenn Miller, and say "Woy
Big-time business guys will cap a deal with XO cognacs but if it's a mega deal, they'll bring out the Remy Martin Louis XIII (in a Baccarat crystal decanter) at $150 a snifter.
ONE GETS SO ACCUSTOMED TO analysts, pundits and politicians taking their potshots at the life insurance business that when someone in these precincts comes forth with a positive assessment, it causes a warm rosy glow, kind of like a snifter of brandy on a wintry night.