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Synonyms for sniffle

the act of breathing heavily through the nose (as when the nose is congested)

cry or whine with snuffling

Related Words

inhale audibly through the nose


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As the temperatures drop and the sniffles start, the quest to find some method to prevent the annual onslaught of the common cold or flu becomes increasingly desperate every winter.
IF you don't like taking medication, try this natural homeopathic remedy that some hay fever sufferers find brings gentle relief from the sneezes and sniffles.
DANNY WILLIAMS pops some plant extract to stifle sniffles WHAT IS IT?
The sniffles don't even rate a footnote in the annals of the disorders, conditions, syndromes and disabilities that are common to readers of Exceptional Parent.
If you tend to run to the pharmacy at the first hint of a sniffle, or are simply in need of some home truths, "Teta's Wisdom," a collection of proverbs and home-remedies compiled by Hiba El Chaarani may be the book for you.
At the first sign of an impending cold--a sniffle, scratchiness in the throat, itchy or runny eyes--crush a large clove of garlic (or two or three) and place the garlic in a cup.
But in a Swedish study of 246 volunteers, those who started taking either of two different dosages of the EchinaForce brand three times a day at the first sniffle had significantly milder cold symptoms than those who took a third echinacea preparation or a placebo.
She doesn't have much to do besides sniffle but it's first-rate sniffling.
Hayley Swords WHY not lock our children in the house until they are 'old enough', except maybe to go to the doctor for drugs to 'cure' a sniffle.
Men have been laughed at for decades for moaning that the slightest sniffle is a near-death experience.
Men's attention receptors make them take the merest sniffle and use it to attract sympathy and cosseting.
And remember - the dole queue is full of people who would gladly drag themselves in to do your job, sniffle or no sniffle.
The moving ceremony is guaranteed to provoke a sniffle and have you reaching for your hankie.
Giving Hanks the award let Academy members congratulate themselves for expressing political correctness, reward a fine actor for extreme dieting to look AIDS-ravaged, and sniffle over his death without ever once having to be grossed nut by watching him be intimate with his beloved life partner.
Ailing beehives may not sniffle and sneeze, but new research shows that they can run fevers.