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Synonyms for sniffle

the act of breathing heavily through the nose (as when the nose is congested)

cry or whine with snuffling

Related Words

inhale audibly through the nose


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By this time, the sniffles, all "the sniffles" were gone.
Your man gets a cold, he starts with a sniffle and before you can get out a box of paper hankies and the cold remedies, he's pretty much on his death bed.
And remember - the dole queue is full of people who would gladly drag themselves in to do your job, sniffle or no sniffle.
The moving ceremony is guaranteed to provoke a sniffle and have you reaching for your hankie.
Some people merely sneeze and sniffle when they're exposed to certain allergens.
Keeping life's ironies in mind, it is no surprise that adult men - incapable of looking after themselves and the worst patients imaginable - are genetically more likely to catch a cold than women, who don't react to a sniffle like they are the first British victim of Avian Flu.
These days, as we sniffle and sneeze, we tend to stock up with all the latest cold and flu remedies.
Ailing beehives may not sniffle and sneeze, but new research shows that they can run fevers.
She doesn't have much to do besides sniffle but it's first-rate sniffling.
Giving Hanks the award let Academy members congratulate themselves for expressing political correctness, reward a fine actor for extreme dieting to look AIDS-ravaged, and sniffle over his death without ever once having to be grossed nut by watching him be intimate with his beloved life partner.
NEXT time your bloke takes to bed with a sniffle, try to be more sympathetic, ladies - it turns out man flu really does exist.
Despite suffering from a hoarse throat and a bit of a sniffle, Charlie is well on the road to recovery after his ordeal.
NEXT time your man takes to bed with a sniffle, be more sympathetic, ladies.
If the trial is a success, sniffle stations will be put in Tesco stores all over the country.
At the first sign of a sniffle, dig into oranges, peppers, berries (frozen ones are fine) and dark green vegetables to help maximise this vital vitamin.