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a person who sniffs

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Peace officers often rely on sniffer dog indications as their basis for reasonable suspicion required for a further physical search.
The new Sniffer with a special applicator (tester stick) developed especially for the Sniffer, is able to vacuum all suspected substances and non-suspected substances on a specially developed filter paper fixed on the applicator.
When asked about the ability of a dog to sniff out criminals and other suspicious articles precisely, Dr Masoom Pirzada, a veterinary doctor in the Civil Veterinary Hospital at Peshawar, said the smelling sense of specilised sniffer dogs was 400 times sharper than human beings.
Sniffer Global is available with an enterprise-wide licence for unlimited users or as a 10-user licensed deployment.
The second version of the people sniffer was a helicopter-mounted configuration called the XM3 airborne personnel detector.
A direct 1:1 connection is established and allows data transmitting from the SPAN port to be physically routed through the physical-layer switch and out to a specified probe or sniffer.
Random drug testing and the use of sniffer dogs are just two measures available to headteachers, who need to have as many tools available as possible to combat the problem.
The Sniffer Technologies division continues to excel in developing and delivering industry-leading products that address the constantly evolving needs in the LAN/WAN marketplace," said Jessy Cavazos, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.
NYSE:NET) has debuted the Sniffer Network Protection Platform for enterprise and service provider customers around the globe.
THE head teacher of a school in Balsall Common has said parents were told in advance that a sniffer dog was being brought in to check for drugs.
Sniffer programs capture, monitors and analyze network traffic, detecting bottlenecks and other problems.
It is more difficult for a sniffer to deliver application-specific information, since this requires not only deep packet inspection, which is computationally intensive, but knowledge of the operation of the application.
Sniffer solutions are being used in NTT DoCoMo's test project to engineer and verify the seamless operation of the many IP-based technologies that comprise a 3G Wireless Internet.
Experts in America believe the tiny creatures' extra-sensitive antennae mean they could replace police sniffer dogs at places like airports.
Proxy Sniffer lets developers simulate more than 1 million simultaneous web users, making it one of the most powerful tools for analyzing and testing the performance and stability of large-scale web applications both internally and in the cloud.