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with a sneer

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Then I matriculated to Phase 3, where I started having some fun with the Snidely Snotworth types.
Whites sometimes comment snidely on a "culture of grievance'' among blacks.
Churchill snidely described Labour leader Clement Attlee as a modest man with a lot to be modest about.
Beckel's co-host on The Five, Eric Bolling, would later pontificate snidely that Sam was picked because he was the first openly gay player; "I don't think he would have been drafted if he had not been.
That doesn't mean that all parlours in Beijing or elsewhere offer sex or a "happy ending" massage - as it is snidely known here - but it is hard to deny the sense of stigma and scandal associated with these places.
Buckets of AIDS-tainted blood were intentionally thrown at the audience," he snidely commented, and "the audience ran for their lives.
The large SN "puts me in mind of snuff, snot, sneak, snarl, snafu and Snidely Whiplash," Connie Thomas e-mailed.
It takes all my strength to not let it overwhelm me when a young girl from the upper strata of society snidely remarks that liberals like me, because apparently that is what all us white folk are, should not work in newspapers because we always get it wrong.
If there were an award for the greediest man of the year, he would outshine Snidely Whiplash.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that as the Government erased the name of the street that carries the name of national hero Stiv Naumov, it gave it back in the same way - snidely and cowardly.
A heretical substitute For the Christian gospel, gnostic interpretation has nothing to do with serious New Testament scholarship, which Spong snidely calls twisting our brains into a 1st-century pretzel.
Yet, when you pick up the square-shaped piece of paper, the other side snidely says, " As you picked this up, you can pick up the litter off the streets as well.
Hayek is Snidely Whiplash, the hired gun from the Austrian School.
When the BBC showed civilian victims of Allied bombing in Iraq, Tory MPs shrieked "treachery", while snidely referring to the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation.
Pillow tossing would be something interior designers might snidely deem 'decoration', something obviously quite different.