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Synonyms for snicker

Synonyms for snicker

to laugh in a stifled way

to smile or laugh scornfully or derisively

a stifled laugh

a facial expression or laugh conveying scorn or derision

Synonyms for snicker

a disrespectful laugh


Related Words

laugh quietly

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Snickers popup reads, Thinking of taking this advice?
Customers are being urged to check best before dates from April to October 2016 for the Mars multi-packs and July 2016 for Snickers.
We cannot be sure that this plastic was only in that particular Snickers," a spokeswoman from Mars Netherlands said.
The majority of the products sold in the GCC region, including Mars and Snickers bars, are manufactured in our factory in Jebel Ali in the UAE.
All of the recalled products, which includeMars, Snickers and Milky Way bars, were manufactured at a Dutch factory in Veghel, aMarsspokeswoman said.
A baked cheesecake dotted with Snickers chunks, topped with caramel sauce, dark chocolate and salted peanuts, topped with a shard of salted peanut brittle
It was quite easy - it was just like school, except with Snickers instead of Greek homework.
Snickers and Mars bars are shrinking again - but the snacks will stay at the same price.
IT is enough to make any chocolate lover go nuts - Snickers bars are shrinking again, but the price will stay the same.
The Snickers brand will have another powerful consumer program this fall.
950 for two as well as a box of eight 32g Snickers Snack Bars for just BD1.
Dog lovers Ann Carter, 70, and Ernie Rubin, 67, threw a bash for 100 of their pals - and their four-legged friends - to celebrate the "marriage" of their pets, Snickers and Scruffy, the Mirror reported.
Luckily, the Snickers bar he had in his pocket was a king-sized version.
MARS and Snickers bars are likely to shrink in size as part of a deal with the UK Government to cut calories.
Sales of SNICKERS[R] confectionery will enjoy significant uplift in 2012 on the back of the "You're not You When You're Hungry" campaign, which will benefit Snickers Ice Cream too.