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com e-gift cards to free SNICKERS, M&M'S, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS, MILKY WAY, SKITTLES and/or STARBURST Brand Singles.
Pour in the tin and then scatter chopped Snickers bars all over the surface.
Half an hour later I walked into the hotel lobby, a Snickers in my hand, like the Milk Tray man before he'd done the abseiling and secrecy modules on his course, and I headed for the bar.
The number of calories in a Mars bar is now dropping from 260 to 229 and in a Snickers from 280 to 245.
The lovestruck pooches tied the knot after getting "engaged" on Valentine's Day, when Snickers popped the question with a Swarovski crystal collar.
While this tactic may help avid Snickers eaters shed a few pounds and improve corporate profits (don't expect Mars to reduce its prices when it cuts its standard 280-calorie bar to 250 calories), the Orwellian doublespeak is sure to leave a bad taste in one's mouth.
SWEET SUCCESS: Maria King, front left, serving up the cakes and buns to fellow members of staff at the Pink Coffee morning at Snickers of Meltham which raised valuable funds for the Breast Cancer charity Picture by Peter Cottle (PC311011Dsnickers-01) Purchase: www.
I love the idea that Snickers Ice Cream is helping the Foundation to make a difference in students' lives," said Tom Joyner, chairman of the Tom Joyner Foundation and host of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.
And I raised my eyebrows about the first Snickers commercial, mainly on the grounds of stupidity; it was not so much homophobic as about homophobia.
Two million unlucky accumulator bets would mean he wouldn't have enough cash to even buy a pesky Snickers Bar.
Everything you expect from an energy bar, with the great taste you expect from Snickers," promises the ad for Snickers Marathon Energy Bars.
Of course, there were snickers from the audience as there always is at this event when the word "pork" is mentioned.
Adrian Martinez, who owns six dogs and two cats, says his cat Snickers inspired him to create the new station.
Say hello to deep-fried Snickers bars, Twinkies and Oreo Cookies.
Snickers Marathon Energy Bars come in Chewy Chocolate Peanut and Multi-Grain Crunch varieties and both contain chocolate, peanuts and caramel.