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a person who sneezes

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The presentation featured Supreme Sneezer Edward Gusweiler, as well as a dramatization of a young couple unable to go out and socialize because of the husband's hay fever.
Instead it was as roundly avoided as a pallid, sweaty sneezer on public transport during flu season - chiefly because it wasn't at all funny.
Nina Carberry's mount, who missed an engagement at Leopardstown last Sunday due to the fast ground, finished well to take fifth place behind The Sneezer.
Miserable miser Ebenezer Sneezer (Paul Chuckle) and his kind-hearted brother, Bob Scratchit (Barry Chuckle) are visited by three ghosts who arrive to hear Ebenezer shouting at the butcher: "Turkeys aren't just for Christmas
But the worst -- and the one I truly dread -- is the sneezer.
you are a photic sneezer, you got it from one of your parents!
Being an elbow sneezer is a bit more awkward than being a hand honker.
Sooner or later, you've got to turn momentary attention into an embrace of your idea, and then, hopefully, into conversion of the user into a sneezer.
TRY new gadget the Sneezer Beam, from electronics retailer Maplin.
He is known as a fainter, a sneezer and a bleeder, and is often referred to (and not with particular affection) as "Speed Bump.
You can catch it from a handshake, kiss or sitting close to a sneezer.
I work with an habitual loud sneezer who always appears to be trying to beat her personal best: "Yes, well done.
He remembers this and now tries to avoid the vicinity of the sneezer.