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Class struggle is in the cigarette brand, of course, they sneeringly remind us.
I watched with incredulity the comments of Dr Tristram Hunt on Question Time last week, wherein, in echoes of his former front bench colleague Emily Thornberry, he spoke sneeringly and with contempt about so many who have benefited from superb education throughout the world from teaching by nuns.
By the new millennium, Adams and Sellars had charted such a clear trajectory that observers could rightfully expect another "CNN opera," as detractors sneeringly termed their work.
It was brought up by the Sisu barrister in connection with a stadium in the Danish capital, only to be sneeringly dismissed by the city council's brief as irrelevant as Coventry wasn't nearly as cosmopolitan.
IT was current France boss Didier Deschamps who was sneeringly referred to as "the water carrier" by Eric Cantona because of his lack of flair as a player.
Others batted the corner of James Tomkins, Mike Williamson and Ryan Shawcross, sneeringly claiming Caulker's Cardiff City form was hardly going to be conducive to England keeping clean sheets.
But for that very reason, the regime has never felt very embarrassed by criticism of its human rights record, and has reported sneeringly on that criticism to its own people.
In a phone call to a friend from jail Watkins did not show an ounce of remorse, sneeringly calling his sick crimes "mega lolz" - Laugh Out Loud.
It is understandable that we should feel aggrieved, of course, because London and its surroundings is always favoured over what its denizens sneeringly and patronisingly call the 'provinces'.
While some leading drug chains at the time sneeringly dismissed the impact on their business, in the following years most major retailers have responded with some sort of discount drug program.
As well as winning their 'cup final' as Leeds fans sneeringly describe it, Town fans were agog with news of a reported training ground bust-up between midfielder Adam Clayton and Northern Ireland international STRIKER Martin Paterson.
Kenny Dalglish is taciturn and sneeringly condescending as was Gordon Strachan, with Fergie and Pulis excellent in victory but prone to referee admonishment in defeat.
It is sneeringly referred to in Westminster as ''The Hokey-Cokey Referendum,'' because it does not offer a clear choice.
THEY were sneeringly dubbed 'Dad's Army' by sections of the Australian press, but the average age of the England side that triumphed at the 2003 World Cup was a far from geriatric 28.
It has about 20 rules, and at the bottom it sneeringly threatens: "If you don't want to follow these rules, then leave.