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Synonyms for sneaking

Synonyms for sneaking

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

Synonyms for sneaking

not openly expressed


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Meg is sneaking off to spend time with a British officer.
American coots (Fulica americana) wage covert egg wars among themselves, sneaking into a neighboring nest to deposit an egg for the other family to raise, explains Bruce E.
As young as 5, he was sneaking into the studio to make songs.
com) makers of better-for-you vegetarian foods and meatless snack options, today introduced The Ultimate Sneak-Away Contest with best-selling author and culinary expert, Missy Chase Lapine--known as The Sneaky Chef--to give moms clever new tricks for sneaking real vegetables into some of America's favorite foods.
A Palestinian man had complained about a drunk stranger sneaking into his flat.
Police have reports of house burglaries in North Tyneside by thieves sneaking in via insecure doors.
I'm extremely concerned about potential terrorists sneaking across that border.
What with Pete Doherty dropping in for a "shower" and Big Brother presenter Russell Brand seen sneaking out of her home, she even needed the Daily Mirror to remind her what she'd been up to.