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Synonyms for sneaking

Synonyms for sneaking

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

Synonyms for sneaking

not openly expressed


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At the moment that we expected to see Sarian spearmen charging to our relief at Hooja's back, the craven traitor was sneaking around the outskirts of the nearest Sarian village, that he might come up from the other side when it was too late to save us, claiming that he had become lost among the mountains.
Beside a charred pile of timbers the Abyssinians halted, and Tarzan, sneaking close and concealing himself in nearby shrubbery, watched them in wonderment.
As he was gnawing the last morsel from a bone his quick ears caught the padding of stealthy feet behind him, and turning he confronted Dango, the hyena, sneaking upon him.
So it is for this that you have wormed your sneaking way into my home?
And it took twenty years of contact, of exchanging greetings and passing on with my tongue in my cheek, to develop in me a sneaking liking for the rascal.
Presently one of them uttered a low growl and with flattened head started, sneaking and wary, toward the jungle.
The hyenas were sneaking furtively around the ape-man.
Master Blifil was generally called a sneaking rascal, a poor-spirited wretch, with other epithets of the like kind; whilst Tom was honoured with the appellations of a brave lad, a jolly dog, and an honest fellow.
But it's worthy of the sneaking spirit that robs a live man.
Do I see anything in the way I'm made, which calls upon me to be a snivelling, solemn, whispering chap, sneaking about as if I couldn't help it, and expressing myself in a most unpleasant snuffle?
He faced charges of arson, damaging property and sneaking into a women-only place and putting others' lives at risk.
Chelsea Clinton, (and even Hillary herself) have grudgingly confessed to sneaking a bite of forbidden frosted goodness.
Canadians are invited to share how they are sneaking it in this week on Facebook at www.
A LOVESICK man caused chaos for thousands of airline passengers across the world after sneaking past security for a cuddle.
Police have reports of house burglaries in North Tyneside by thieves sneaking in via insecure doors.