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Synonyms for sneak




sneak up on something or someone


Synonyms for sneak

to bring in or take out secretly

one who behaves in a stealthy, furtive way

Synonyms for sneak

a person who is regarded as underhanded and furtive and contemptible

someone who prowls or sneaks about

someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

to go stealthily or furtively

put, bring, or take in a secretive or furtive manner

Related Words

make off with belongings of others

pass on stealthily

marked by quiet and caution and secrecy

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The suspect was arrested after he was spotted through surveillance cameras trying to sneak a backpack with 63 flares into the stadium where the match between Limassol's Apollon and Azebaijani side Gabala was to take place.
In the sneak peek, Martha also points to Castle that a man is filming him with his phone.
The source added that the army units destroyed a number of cars and killed all terrorist inside them near the old Transportation Directorate in Aleppo city, while another army unit clashed with members of an armed terrorist group who were attempting to sneak into the safe neighborhoods in al-Lairamoun area, killing 3 of them, while the others escaped.
According to NBC, her daughters remember how their father Richard Nixon would sneak a tiny chip from behind the house, where he thought no one would notice.
Made in Me, the BAFTA-nominated creative studio today releases Sneak, a unique and crazy new game for the whole family, now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Apple Vacations, a US-based travel company, has announced a Sneak Peek Week for its upcoming annual sale.
What would I have not given, aged 17, for just one girl to sneak into my room, dressed as a chamber maid?
Measures which residents can take to guard against sneak thieves include: * Locking all doors and windows when working in the garden or garage.
Now the proposed redevelopment scheme has been placed on hold, management are proud to welcome one of house music's true pioneers for a well-overdue return - Chicago house legend DJ Sneak.
QB sneaks are common in this situation, especially if the ball is butted up against the goal line.
How these viruses sneak through the intestines' barrier was a mystery.
But for dance fans well-rehearsed in the Sneak style, it's a bit too predictable.
Emap is issuing a 36-page sampler edition of its new teen celebrity-based magazine Sneak, to be distributed free with copies of J17 and Smash Hits.