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Synonyms for snarly

tangled in knots or snarls

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However, put an efficient muzzle brake on the end, and even it gets to be a bit snarly.
Jones snapped a quick picture of the snarly reptile - before scarpering in panic when it started moving towards him.
I was snarly, angry and felt hopeless and needed to come home [to the U.
I, Marx gets snarly at one of Capital's reviewers for expecting him to write 'recipes (Comtist ones?
The snarly paragraph would have numerous negative consequences if uttered in formal contexts.
I would also ask people who I knew for recommendations, I brought in a tough, snarly CEO from a Chicago company who had a reputation for being outspoken.
99) will reach ages 5-8 with its fun story of a girl who loves her long hair--until it becomes too snarly to manage.
And if she found herself stuck in one of the more snarly traffic jams on 1-95, she would also instruct her driver to make unlawful use of the breakdown lane, which she termed "Pig Alley.
It is unfair to criticise Sir Cliff for not being snarly.
It seemed to me that the same plastic surgeon was always on call, weekend after weekend, sometimes a little snarly for lack of sleep.
Philadelphia, meanwhile, presents a mixed bag on the sports front, although its snarly fans paint themselves as oh-so-long suffering (although, we must admit, the city's Stanley Cup and World Series patrons of the last few years, in victory and defeat, have been--shockingly to outsiders who have come to expect the worst from the "fightin'" fans of Philadelphia--rather good sports).
As the little guys could get a bit rambunctious, a ferret muzzle was just the ticket for keeping a snarly weasel in check.
In the earliest hours of the 1980 Iranian revolution, a snarly teenage revolutionary student checking Canadian embassy passports and travel permits shoved his rifle through the car window.