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Synonyms for snarf

make off with belongings of others

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Well, Snarf was so scared that he quickly fled back into his burrow - full speed ahead
The final call came down to a group affectionately dubbed "ThunderDads"--fans of the original series who now have kids of their own--and whether they would accept a "ThunderCats" show without Snarf.
UNDER HIS WING: Diet-conscious Christopher Walken sure didn't snarf chicken at any of the KFCs he had to visit on the multigenerational road trip from ``Around the Bend,'' his new family dramedy.
The gang of seven waging war against the forces of evil in the 1987 kids series were Wilykat, Wilykit, Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara and Snarf.
99 SRP): Storm into battle with the Deluxe ThunderTank and 4" Snarf Figure.
You can buy a bottle of scotch or snarf down fat-laden french fries advertised as "heavenly.
Kathy Bates, looking darn sexy in a rust Eric Gaskins gown, was smart to snarf up some food early on to get her through the night.
Jackson before dashing inside to snarf some dinner in the elegant ballroom, its ceiling swagged with gold- and-apricot drapes, dripping with huge crystal chandeliers; on the tables, plexiglass centerpieces were swimming with gold-and-white baby koi.
Even if you couldn't make it to Sotheby's to snarf the ritzy snacks - crab puffs, radicchio salad, tender wrapped meat nibbles - and sip bubbly on the open-air patio, you can still have a heart.