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an informal photograph

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Snapshot creates a personalized insurance rate based on a driver's actual habits.
Snap -- Instantaneous, lightweight and unlimited snapshots or point-in-time copies to recover from user, application, and administrator errors.
To automatically attach the ITO (in Snapshot format) to an e-mail message, Click:
At a cost of $199, Snappy Video Snapshot is an inexpensive source of digital photography that can be used for desktop publishing, PC photo albums, presentations and more.
This cool Snapshot gadget from Progressive won't cost you a cent, but it could save you from zero up to 30 percent on your car insurance.
From Family Reunions to Festivals, SnapShots Makes Photo Sharing Easy and Organized
A full copy snapshot replicates the data set in its entirety.
Progressive recently expanded access to Snapshot to drivers who aren't Progressive customers, so any Illinois driverwho's interested in saving money has the opportunity to take a free test drive of Snapshot, and after 30 days find out whether their own driving behavior can lower the price they pay for auto insurance.
The backup works in conjunction with a delta-snapshot service (which should fully integrate with the snapshot agent for Exchange, so that tape backups will have data consistency), enabling the backup software to back up point-in-time snapshots of data directly from SAN storage, offloading backup processing from application servers and the LAN, and eliminating the backup window.
Title: German Consumer Foodservice Survey 2011: Trends in Workplace Catering and Consumer Expenditure: Survey Snapshot
Most modern storage systems support snapshot technologies in one form or another.
PHILADELPHIA -- RES Software, the proven leader in dynamic desktop solutions, has been granted a patent for its new Snapshot Intelligence technology by the European Patent Office.
Snapshot technology is considered replication because replication is, essentially, just a copy of data--which is exactly what a snapshot is.
A snapshot is, after all, just a copy of data, which is exactly what a backup is.
CTERA has shipped Next3 in its Cloud-Attached Storage appliances, the C200 and CloudPlug, delivering support for automated snapshot creation and retention policies that allow business users to retain a large number of volume snapshots for data protection and regulatory compliance purposes.