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Synonyms for snappish

Synonyms for snappish

apt to speak irritably


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A deleted paragraph (reproduced in the notes) turns a general statement ("we have a snappish criticism") into a scathing attack on the South: "We intend to set and keep a cordon sanitaire, all around the infected district, and by no means suffer the pestilence to spread" (CW 7:252).
Thomas Clancy, SJ, told Arthur Jones in 1999: "Waugh's delivery was good, it was just that he had that snappish way of replying to questions.
Not only does Hall's script switch between snappish Central Park tones and languid island patois, but she also writes for characters who speak in accents ranging from the relatively conventional (Spanglish, Southern U.
The women who are most intimately involved in Skeeter's book are the meek Aibileen (Viola Davis), whose love for the young white girl she cares for is as beauti-ful as it is pure, and the snappish but very personable, not to mention entertaining, Minny (Octavia Spencer).
She knew how her parents still thought of her: as the gloomy girl she was as a teenager, snappish and hormonal, dressed all in black, dying her hair the dull color of the ravens that nested in the hemlock trees outside her window, ungainly and loud.
Instead, Murphy seems to have directed the thesp to behave like a typically shrill, snappish, self-analyzing romantic-comedy heroine, prone to throwing back her head and letting loose that inimitable Roberts cackle; when Ketut orders Liz to smile during meditation, you want to tell him not to encourage her.
He does not, like Jill, Eustace, and the Pevensie children, become snappish or discouraged or moody due to tiredness or hunger.
And the snappish, keen, rancorous father of another victim, who stood up at the memorial service and cursed everyone whose children were still living.
By the time we receive them in our clinic, they possess a snappish attitude, forcing us at times to euthanise them for safety purposes.
The canon of Spring is comprised of lanky and red-haired Kiirs, portly and phlegmatic Tonissons, fair-haired and snappish Teeles, etc.
Of course, the modern western state was imitated via institutionally formal matrixes, however, the mentality of emirate, Imamate and snappish monarch still is remarkable in our environments.
That is to say, this man is a bit snappish or unfriendly.
Although his workers at the Hogarth Press or his fellow villagers in Rodmell could find him prickly and even snappish, he would be extraordinarily patient and encouraging with the many scholars and common readers who wrote to him about Virginia's writing in the nearly three decades he lived beyond her suicide.
Such emotional and erotic contradictions distinguish Anne from both the virtuous Catherine and the equally virtuous, if snappish, Patience; they also suggest that Henry's violence against Anne is being anticipated by Anne's violence against herself.
From the raucous "All Day Today" to the snappish break beats of "No Es Facil Amar You Soy Asi" to the atmospheric closer "San Agustin," Superpop again stands as a library of Afro-Latin dance music's deep roots.