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What he found was a wild female alligator snapping turtle that was 15 inches long - double the size of the target of his search.
There are as many white-tailed deer here as people - until the peak of the tourist season, THE minibus halted suddenly and Steve jumped out to lift an old snapping turtle off the road on to a grassy verge.
Once again movement catches my eye, and I see a massive snapping turtle has turned to face me, basking in the midday sunshine.
Observation on mammalian predation of Snapping Turtle nests (Reptilia, Testudines, Chelydridae).
My fighting abilities are less like a stalking tiger and more like an old snapping turtle.
Maggie Blue is in a weaker race this afternoon and there is unlikely to be so much competition for the lead because, with the exception of Snapping Turtle, her other five rivals are usually ridden with at least a degree of restraint.
Snapping Turtle (Chyledra serpentina)--An adult was observed at the bottom of the cave entrance on 7 June 2013.
This category covers species such as the two-toed sloth, African civet and the alligator snapping turtle.
The woman - who was a doctor but not a surgeon - did indeed cut out the tumour and David had it shipped on ice to his beach house in North Carolina so he could feed it to a snapping turtle in a nearby canal.
Her curiosity for how living things functioned had her dissecting dead cats with a pocketknife by age six, and bringing home all kinds of animals, including a two-foot snapping turtle, which she hid in her bathtub for a week and got whipped for.
Local and geographic variation in the reproductive biology of the snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina).
Like a snapping turtle, it looks ready to clamp its prey between its two curved jaws, to cut them to pieces with its teeth.
Use the Internet to find and print out images of a blob fish, an alligator snapping turtle, an elephant seal, a chick, an otter, and a koala bear.