snapping shrimp

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small shrimp that makes a snapping noise with one of their enlarged chelae

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Snapping shrimp are smaller than your thumb, but like a lobster, they have two front claws, one much bigger than the other.
The modality of the dominance signal in snapping shrimp (Alpheus heterochaelis) and the corresponding setal types on the antennules.
In the collecting area, the snapping shrimps were always found under rocks with sand and gravel (Personal Observation).
The sounds of interest to researchers include those of snapping shrimp, fish, marine mammals, and vessel traffic (boats).
Snapping shrimp in the genus Synalpheus (Decapoda: Alpheidae) provide a striking example.
Roy Crabtree examined stomach contents of 385 Middle Keys bonefish and found the following goodies and percentages: mud crabs at 30%, toadfish at 17%, swimming crabs at 11%, snapping shrimp at 9% and penaeid shrimp at 7%.
For example, six types of setae were identified in the snapping shrimp, Alpheus heterochaelis (Obermeier & Schmitz 2004); 10 setal types were identified in the Caribbean spiny lobster, Panulirus argus (Cate & Derby 2001).
Combined visual and chemical signals have been reported in the snapping shrimp Alpheus heterochaelis (Hughes, 1996), in smasher stomatopods (Christy and Salmon, 1991; Marshall et al.
While earlier experiments had shown that so-called snapping shrimp generate imploding air bubbles that make loud popping sounds (SN: 9/23/00, p.
Periwinkles, marsh fiddler crabs, snapping shrimp, and small fish like pinfish and finger mullet as well as a multitude of other small, tasty creatures call spartina grassbeds home.
Snapping shrimp (Alpheus heterochaelis Say) were also collected in low densities, but did contribute to community assemblage differences (Table 2).
In the snapping shrimp Alpheus heterochaelis Say, eyestalk ablation performed early in larval development has profound effects on morphogenesis, causing the appearance of supernumerary larval stages, accompanied by retardation and even complete arrest of morphogenesis.
High-speed video and fancy math have overturned an old theory about how snapping shrimp make such a racket.
If broadcast sounds can be bad, they can also be good, reasoned Gene Eisenmann, the guy behind a new device called the HydroWave, which uses a transducer to broadcast, at the touch of a button, the sounds of snapping shrimp, grunting croakers, mullet doing whatever mullet do, etc.
along with the porcelain crab Petrolisthes armatus and the snapping shrimp Alpheus heterochaelis comprising 84% to 94% of the samples by number.