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an informal photograph

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Snap Shots then lined up in a Listed heat at Sandown, finishing behind two decent yardsticks in Beacon and Mukhmal after taking a noticeably keen grip in the early exchanges as he appears to be a horse who likes to do it from the front.
com rates as one of the most influential blogs on the Internet, is the latest of many to add Snap Shots, including Michael Arrington's TechCrunch.
Launched in November 2006, Snap Shots are a radical departure from the traditional way people browse the Web.
Currently, nearly 2,000,000 site owners and bloggers use Snap Shots to deliver a more compelling user experience; such sites include TechCrunch, Guy Kawasaki, Xanga.
The Snap Shots platform - through its delivery of enhanced content - has already changed the way millions of people now surf the web," said Tom McGovern, CEO of Snap Technologies.
com, today announced the addition of two new Shots to its Snap Shots service; ProfileShot[TM], which allows for live previews of linked social networking profiles and RSS Shot[TM] which renders sites with enabled RSS feeds for quick and easy viewing.
Approximately 150 times every second, Snap Shots delivers enhanced content to websites in the form of photo albums, stock quotes, streaming audio and video, product information and more, directly to users as they browse an enabled web page - all in a format that is useful and engaging to users.
PhotoShot, as with all Snap Shots, is completely free and can be implemented with little effort using a single line of Javascript code that can be obtained from http://shots.
Snap Shots Creates a New Internet Platform for Delivering the Right Content at the Right Time to a Network of Millions of Internet Sites
Connect - Connect the mental snap shots with a story to commit to memory.
The overwhelming majority of these "phone-tographers" (96 percent) use their camera phones for spontaneous pictures; nearly one-third take pictures at family gatherings (32 percent) or of their pets (30 percent), while more than one-quarter (27 percent) snap shots at celebrations or on vacation.
Now, the iVDO Streamer 2/4 Encoders can create onsite snap shots, or still photos, from a video stream and send the images directly to any Web site that is authorized to access the traffic management system.
These types of products beg for the ability to project content onto a TV -- to share those snap shots with the family or put that TV show trapped in the PDA back on the TV where it belongs.