snap ring

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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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It was observed that solidification of the snap ring, or undercut, governed the cooling time.
A Smalley Snap Ring has no ears to interfere with the mating components in the assembly.
The remedy for this condition involves replacing the snap ring with a newly designed one and the installation of an additional component to prevent separation of the steering shaft.
The procedures requires the operator to measure the distance from the snap ring in the horizontal bore to the center line of the intersecting bore.
Smalley Steel Ring Company is the market leader in the spiral retaining ring, snap ring, and wave spring business.
The company's most recent innovation is a vertical style machine that is capable of rolling splines, threads, oil grooves, snap ring grooves, speedometer grooves and high helical parts.
A snap ring in the steering gears on some of these vehicles may be susceptible to fracture.
In her new position, she is responsible for supporting telemarketing, Electronic Data Information Systems efforg ring design and manufacturing division of Trar companies manufacture the Seeger (Germany & Brazil) and Anderton (Great Britain) retaining and snap ring product lines.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Snap Ring As Per The Tender Docs
Tenders are invited for Piston Pin Snap Ring Tool Plier As Per Dlw Drg No-Mst/E/5040, Dlw Cat No-15513725.
Tenders are invited for Guide Valve Bridge Snap Ring Installing To Dlw Pt.
The body and rotor of this unit is constructed of nylon and glass reinforced fiber, with ceramic bearings and stainless steel shaft and snap rings, which makes this meter rugged, economical and chemical resistant.
Remove the snap rings (2) from the hinge pins (3) with a screwdriver.