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break a piece from a whole

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I saw the doctor and he said as long as it doesn't snap off it's fine.
As Trusty, of Syracuse Community Health Center, New York, danced around her she felt the bit snap off in her mouth.
Snap off the central spear first, which will encourage sideshoots, to be picked regularly.
I think it's a horrible rule,'' said Purdue's Joe Tiller, after his team couldn't get a snap off just before the half against Indiana State despite the fact his return man took a kickoff and got out of bounds with 13 seconds left.
The sealed outer edge means it doesn't snap off in the yoke.
Once brushing is complete, the consumer can snap off the plate and toss the hair into the trash.
Features include consistent high quality mixing, reduced adhesive waste and snap off extensions.
He got the safety snap off the holster and was tugging on it," VanGrowski told the Star.
The time has come to snap off the beaded cape that has concealed this plot to homosexualize America by uncovering these, the 12 TV Shows Designed to Make Us Gay:
Of course, the thing that helps add this incident to the Elvis folklore is that limbs of pin oaks don' t snap off.
Whenever a problem arises - the pitcher suddenly starts throwing low or high, inside or outside, failing to snap off the breaking pitch it is up to the coach to locate the cause and make the correction.
Flight controllers feared it would snap off or suffer irrevocable damage, so they suspended aerobraking for 3 weeks.
The side effects do include headaches, but they could say it made your feet swell to the size of small sheep and your ears turn brittle and snap off in high winds and guys wouldn't care.
I want it all, Lord/the heights and the depths," goes the flag of a quote from Theodore Roethke that is raised at the end of this book, and a veteran Sallemane has no choice but to snap off a weary, game salute.
For years, my solution was to snap off the dull tip with pliers (my cheapskate reputation is legendary).