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a fastener used on clothing

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Provision of mounting accessories: handles, hooks, snap fasteners and related items, as well as making (point) custom items" .
From product design to delivery to application, products offered include premium buttons, zippers, snap fasteners, grommets and washers as well as attaching machine equipment and expert technical service.
Provision of fixing accessories: handles, hooks, snap fasteners and related items, as well as making (point) of articles to order.
Snap Fasteners--Available in press, interlocking and magnetic types, snap fasteners can be used as closures or when making detachable straps.
com)-- Among the most popular types of baby bibs, are those that have snap fasteners and those that are fastened with Velcro.
Carmo vinyl heat-sealable components, such as snap fasteners, medical fittings, grommets and valves are also available.
You can even buy Western snap fasteners for your cowboy shirt.
Prior to joining the Company, he served as Executive Vice President of Global Operations at Scovill Fasteners, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of snap fasteners and stamped products for retail, military and commercial applications.
The contract is for the supply of disposable equipment (including inserts and fasteners for strzykawkiautomatycznej, needle biopsy of compatible Encor for the Department of Surgical Oncology, snap fasteners epidural catheter and nasal cannulas and conductive paste for polysomnographic studies) in the range and amounts listed in Annex 2 of the IDW.
Also, storage outlay for fasteners used in process is noticeably lower, since the snap fasteners are delivered as pre-assembled components and are immediately ready for installation.
Features 15 major bones that connect and pull apart with snap fasteners.
It sports snap fasteners to keep any device secure and an internal pull-tab for simple removal of the device.
Revenue was $27,623 lower in 2002 than 2001, due to the lower sales of electrode snap fasteners, which was partially offset by an increase in demand for disposable ECG electrodes sensors.