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Under current tax law, estate taxes are not in effect this year, but would snap back in 2011, with estates over $1 million being subject to a top tax rate of 55 percent.
When you release the throttle at the end of operations, don't let it snap back.
You can't have 80 percent of your city under water and expect everything to snap back in a year,'' said Susan Spicer, chef and co-partner of the acclaimed Bayona restaurant in the French Quarter.
A new dvd is aiming to help new mums snap back into shape after giving birth with healthy tips on exercise and giving birth.
The protein that's the backbone of these clots can stretch to several times its length and snap back to its original size, a new study shows.
Then the surrounding ligaments which have been stretched by the joint space opening, snap back into their proper anatomical position, making the second sound.
The introduction Enoch Showunmi and new signing Warren Feeney put the snap back into Luton's play.
My body doesn't snap back, and now I have more on the line than just a cast.