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Synonyms for snaky

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

Synonyms for snaky

resembling a serpent in form

References in classic literature ?
They saw a shiny, snaky black trunk lifted for an instant, scattering sodden thatch.
The servants knew him both by his face and garb; for his short cloak, and his winged cap and shoes, and his snaky staff had often been seen thereabouts in times gone by.
A few examples: Nosler lists a maximum velocity of 3,516 fps for the 55-grain bullet using CFE 223 power, 3,332 fps for the 62-grain pill pushed by RL-15, and 2,981 fps for the long, snaky 77-grain match bullet punched out by H380.
Hoffenheim's Nadiem Amiri sealed the win with a snaky dribble and a left-footed finish with a little over 10 minutes remaining.
The square, walled old town is packed with temples or 'wats', but the most impressive one of all is found at the end of an incredibly snaky drive up a neighbouring hillside, followed by a short, steep funicular ride.
The rally, launched in the 70s, involve racers challenging very rugged and snaky roads.
On Planetary Coalition, "Playa La Ropa" features Rodrigo y Gabriela navigating Alex's rhythmically driven and snaky melodic lines.
I love our all-leather battle armor; its kind of snaky, with all the little details carved into it," related the actress, who also revealed that she did a "nudish" scene.
In his own works and elsewhere, Greenspan's performances have had a sidewinding, snaky grace; here again he'll be trading identities (and even sex) within a single paragraph.
Most singers describe 'Ned Fielding's gang', who capture the highwayman, as 'that cursed crew', but Bob Scarce calls them 'that snaky crew' (wrongly transcribed in the notes as 'naked).
One of the snaky pieces shows, by the torn flesh at the top of the extrusion, the grip of four fingers that stretched but did not puncture the clay.
The only undecided [11, 14, 17, 18, 23, 26] polyomino Snaky, shown in Figure 13b, is conjectured [2] to be a winner.
A snaky river of shallow clear water that turns aqua-blue in the summertime, Madlum River's beauty rushes down to a calm at a lagoon where pebbles and rock formations at the bottom can be seen from the surface.
The next few days involved more endless highway and giant landscapes, snaky back roads, the amazing Echo Valley Ranch with a Thai spa and a Cockney cowboy, zip-lining through ancient forests, having bears casually cross the road in front of you, and precipitous mountain dirt tracks.
The $3 million column stood a snaky 57 metres in length, with a diameter of 5.