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Synonyms for snaky

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

Synonyms for snaky

resembling a serpent in form

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As Hugo says when attempting to stoke the fires of Odin's jealousy: "White girls are snakey.
I plan on publishing at least one book, getting myself involved in something hilarious on television and embarking on the greatest romantic adventure since Eve said to Adam - 'This, according to that snakey chap, this is called.
But the tacky snakey get- up robs her of all oomph.
The struggling English pro holed a snakey 15-footer to save par on his way to 73 yesterday.
Wide Obi waist-cinching styles as well as slinky, snakey belts to emphasise a trim waist are big news with bows, buckles and studs the details of choice.
The design of the machines is incredible, from self-propelled motorbikes to massive ships and big snakey, horribly evil things - the stuff of nightmares and no mistake.
SIMMS TABACK'S GREAT BIG BOOK OF SPACEY SNAKEY BUGGY RIDDLES by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg (9780670011216, $17.
With genial performances from Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen as good guys and a snakey Jeremy Irons as the chief baddie, Harris' first directorial outing since his impressive and entirely different "Pollock" biopic bears echoes of many genre predecessors, especially Howard Hawks' "Rio Bravo"--but echoes they remain.
The black and white magpie nearly invisible in the cherry tree watches us ascend the mountain's snakey dirt path toward the recently discovered Ice Age pyramid, the first pyramid ever found in Europe.
The boa wasn't born to live in a glass tank with no other snakey pals to mingle with.
A spokesman for Irisys, which manufactures Smartlane, said: "Metro stores tend to have longer and more snakey queues which, at a first glance, can put customers off.
A second noteworthy moment comes from Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo, who drops the snakey dance track ``Ophidiophobia.
Aunt Becky saw a snakey hipless thing with a shingle bob and long barbaric earrings.
But many in Barry will remember him as Snakey, for the tales he told.
Irish, she was, never got over St Patrick getting rid of all the snakey creatures from her beloved country; well, that's the story anyway.