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Synonyms for snakeroot

a plant of the genus Sanicula having palmately compound leaves and unisexual flowers in panicled umbels followed by bristly fruit

any of various North American plants of the genus Liatris having racemes or panicles of small discoid flower heads

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The use of nightshade and snakeroot involves nothing mystifying--both are well-known and proven poisons in the hands of the experienced conjurer--nor does the graveyard dust involve magic.
Flower gardeners around here may want to consider trumpet honeysuckle, New England aster, white snakeroot and some varieties of goldenrod, she advised.
Echinacea agustifolia American coneflower, To prevent Kansas snakeroot, inflammation Hedgehog.
Moseley was able to determine that the illness was caused by cattle ingesting White Snakeroot (Eupatorium rugosum).
13: Clustered snakeroot and honewort are going to seed as avens and wood nettle start their seasons.
Deer avoid plants possessing chemical defenses or having little nutrition like rough goldenrod, white snakeroot, hay-scented fern, false hellebore, skunk cabbage, blue cohosh, glossy buckthorn and Pennsylvania sedge.
7: Elderberry flowers turn to fruit, and white snakeroot, ironweed,
canadensis; Canada Black Snakeroot, Canada Sanicle: C = 2; BSUH 16527.
Canada Black Snakeroot, Canada Sanicle; Slope woods and open woods south of CR875N; Rare; C = 2; BSUH 14890.
flowers fall, clustered snakeroot hangs with pollen in the shade, and
Even as white snakeroot flowers in the woods and Joe Pye Weed becomes gray with age, the Summer Triangle overhead is reminiscent of Mothers' Day dawn.
Canada Black Snakeroot, Canada Sanicle; Dry woods; Infrequent; C = 2; BSUH 13594, 13698.
Clustered snakeroot season starts in the new shade.
Midwestern peaches are coming in to the markets as late summer's white snakeroot is budding in the woods, and Joe Pye weed heads up in the wetlands.