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a bite inflicted by a (venomous) snake

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Snakebite is a major killer yet remains one of the world's most neglected public health emergencies as global health actors show worryingly little interest in the issue.
Snakebite will premiere on Wednesday, March 11, and can be seen the following night as well.
WRIGHT UP THERE Snakebite destroyed Dolan 10–1 in Milton Keynes
The National Snakebite Management Protocol was framed by the Directorate General of Health Services ( DGHS) with technical support from the World Health Organization's ( WHO) country office in India.
No previous cases of venomous snakebite injury in a bird had been treated at the teaching clinic of the veterinary school, and no reports have been published about the therapeutic protocol for ducks or other birds in relation to use of an anti-ophidian polyvalent serum.
Steve Ludwin, 43, a rock music front man who once performed the same festivals as Pearl Jam and Nirvana, also claims to have built an immunity to deadly snakebites by regularly injecting himself with their venom.
Snakes kill more people than any other creature, and the World Health Organization estimates that as many as 50,000 people worldwide die from snakebite each year, with almost all of them coming in undeveloped countries where access to medical care is difficult.
SNAKEBITE injuries account for around two phone queries every week to the UK National Poisons Information Service, according to a new study.
He said it was a well-known scientific fact that the peak season for snakebite in Pakistan is during summer and monsoon.
A syndrome consistent with thrombotic microangiopathy has been described after snakebite for many years, but only recently has the syndrome been recognised as thrombotic microangiopathy.
Also covered are details on snakebite, venom composition, and photos for identification as well as maps of species ranges.
Physiologist Dirk van Helden at the University of Newcastle in Australia and his colleagues showed that, in humans, applying a nitric oxide-producing ointment within one minute of a simulated snakebite slows the transit of injected tracer molecules.
PhD candidate David Williams from AVRU, who coordinated the project in PNG, said snakebite is a neglected public health problem compounded by antivenom shortages, poor infrastructure and inadequate health worker training in many of the world's least developed countries, including PNG.
The line-up of bands includes Hybrid, Snakebite and the Fanatics, while the 3701 Crew and the ElYowm Dance Troupe will perform dances.
The film features patients suffering from a range of conditions including malaria, snakebite, leprosy and parasitic infections.