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(of monsters) having snakes for hair

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HEATHER MILLS and snake-haired Medusa have come together in a hilarious new Spitting Image-style comedy.
This being the case, it's not surprising that Maddox and his frequent collaborator Mary Hall Surface, both native Southerners, should eventually have broached the subject of the snake-haired monster Medusa.
There's less of a well-rounded ensemble support cast this time round though James Coburn and Jennifer Tilley do sink their respective comic teeth into factory boss Henry J Waternoose and the snake-haired object of Mike's affections.
Other engagingly colorful characters include Mike's slinky, snake-haired receptionist girlfriend Celia (Jennifer Tilly), the crotchety office overseer Roz (Bob Peterson) and the old-school, crablike big boss Waternoose (James Coburn).
With a vigorous current tugging us in 1-foot seas, I gripped my son Sasha's hand as we flippered our way above a magical undersea garden of undulating coral gorgonians - those snake-haired sisters of Greek mythology - and through schools of angelfish, purple wrasses and the occasional barracuda.
Later, in the final play, the Furies, snake-haired harpies who are revenge incarnate, pursue the matricide, Orestes, to Athens.
Gorgon In Greek mythology, a snake-haired female monster whose appearance could turn the beholder into stone.
For when the hogmagandie ended And I lay thunder-struck and winded, The snake-haired Muse came out of the sky And showed her double axe to me.
EAS E angerous when snake-haired stone with a mere Not quite so thrilling are the and Hades plot to teach manki their heavenly HQ.
The fact that one is a pear-shaped eyeball and the other a snake-haired cyclops is irrelevant.
As I argue in The Snake-Haired Muse, it was through Archie Baxter's veneration of Burns that Baxter 'came to understand that not only had the poet constructed myth in verse, he had himself become mythical'.
But it is not the snake-haired woman who turned people into stone in Greek mythology.
Versace's emblem was Medusa, the snake-haired symbol of seduction.